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The term Milsim, to me, is tossed around like a bag of potatoes and is truly sad for those who are actually trying to put on real milsim games.

After all, how many games have been posted that said:

  • 18-24 hour game
  • rain or shine
  • 300 people
  • camping night before
  • Serious guys only, but will accept non serious if you pay in advance and try hard
  • "be prepared guys...ok...don't forget your rain coat and flashlight", and turn your roger beep off.



Really? What exactly is the difference? One storyline is the fall of a government, and another is an uprising of the xxx forces?

Again, I have huge respect for the hard core guys that do this and play games geared only to these people. But when I read AAR's of these games, and can pick off guys who have come to my field and know cant last 4 hours- its a bit of a stretch to wonder how 18-24 hours goes.

The goal needs to be clarified, and often it goes back to making the numbers vs offering the experience as described.

Numbers is often the root cause of the problem. It should not be the goal but the outcome.

I really believe if Milsim games were posted that absolutely did not allow newbs and filtered the players severely, the games would be at the next level.

It does take some balls to do this, but the end game might wind up pulling the hard core guys all to the same game.

I can assure you, in this situation, you would not have guys wondering off to the cars for 2AM beer-in battle.

And if you think this is out of line, think of all the milsim games played/posted in the past 2 years and re do them with only the guys that "should" have been at the game.

Imagine the outcome.

"....Your life is ending one minute at a time..."

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