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If you want to buy AK... Please! Never buy Cyberpute (pardon, Cybergun)
CYMA is good brand, BUT only version CM.040( ,C,D,B and CM.048 , B) and NEVER buy CM.047 because its CM.037 (plastic boolsheat)

For example.
I like AK105 (with mug 5.45) or AK104 (with mug 7.62), or AK74S (with mug 5.45) or AK103 (with mug 7.62)

So, i should buy CYMA AK CM.040D or AK CM.040C 200 dol. in airsofttoronto or AKCM.048 for 250 dol.
But he shoots 425 FPS... It is not good for CQB(((( HopUp rubber Guarder (3 dollars and free shipping in Ebay), spring SHS100 for CQB or SHS110 for outdoor (8 dollars and free shipping in Ebay, Nozzle Element for AK (airsoftpeak, 8 dollars, free shipping)

And you are happy))))
4 photos for you.




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