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Originally Posted by Stealthsaurus View Post
So my friends and I are about to get into airsoft, and have saved up enough to get some reasonably priced gear and the necessities (good boots, proper eye protection, etc.) but when it comes to AEGs, we are completely oblivious.

So far, we have narrowed down our selection to a couple choices, and was just hoping for some feedback for our first purchase, so experienced airsoft players can guide us on the path to a solid first platform.

AEG #1 - JG AK47-S Plastic Body Version with rail

This one has us the most interested, as the AK platform + the rail system means we can have a variety of attachments, and the folding stock is good for CQC.


Similar to the first, but with the fixed stock.

Any other AEGs that can be bought within Canada, that you fine folk would recommend would be very much appreciated.

AEG #1 do not get anything with a underfolding stock of TM design it is not newbie friendly and easy to break. It should have stayed on a Mp40 and not moved onto the Kalashnikov platform.
VFC style AKMS stock is fine though.

AEG#2 Go full metal or go home

Pro tip don't rack the bolt it'll crack the receiver. Loctite the external screws.
CYMA would be recommended as they are a better clone of the Original TM AK-47.
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