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I'm fairly new into Airsoft, been at it for 2 years. I only went to one; I guess it was an OP. The zombie game at PRZ. I was actually expecting a full night of gaming out in the field, I planned ahead with packing food and water on me because I was under the impression we wouldn't be going back to a safe point/car.

I guess my definition or explanation of a milsim is a whole event played in one go with realistic goals and objectives, and realistic consequences. Something that makes you fear/question your actions. I personally like to role play and such (D&D) so I try to really put my mind into it, those plastic BBs are bullets, I can not act recklessly, be a lone wolf and such. Also I like the idea of a close small operating group, we're like brothers (and sisters if applicable) and we cover our asses, and just try to put the feels in protecting each other because no one wants to "die". So I guess this is what I expected from milsim, and even though I have yet to go out to possibly a "real" milsim, it is what I'm hoping to get from the experience. Just my two cents on what I kind of thought/expected from my first Milsim once I choose one.
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