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Originally Posted by Kuro_Neko View Post
G&P and CA are high-end guns

The Bad:
  • Proprietary receiver threading which means you're pretty much stuck with the rail system that originally came with the gun or the other choices are another poorly-anodized G&P rail system
  • Off-spec buffer tubes = wobbly stocks(most AEG manufacturers are guilty of this)
  • 14mm CLOCKWISE barrel threads which is incompatible with the industry standard counter-clockwise thread
  • Poor quality, inconsistent-bore brass barrels of various grades which makes me think they just got whatever brass tubes were cheapest at the metal mart that week
  • Painted receivers (not anodized) which actually has a thickness to it so that means when you do scuff or chip your receiver it ends up looking much deeper than it really is.
  • Picatinny rail sections lack any standard of any kind - a Colt M4A1 model will have a different rail thickness than an LMT MRP
  • Mechbox features silicone "wet-noodle" wiring which has insulation that rips easily and is way too thick than it should be
  • Proprietary screw-type motor connectors which basically force you to use G&P motors unless you switch to another wire set (see previous point)
  • Mechbox shells that only accept bearing spring guides with the pin-type retainer supports
  • Gears that are either bulletproof or fail after 500rounds (depends on your luck - see previous point about brass barrels)
  • The bearings used in their 8mm mechboxes aren't the best and sometimes do not fit in the holes drilled in the mechbox, which means you have to remove it and epoxy them into the shell. Otherwise they will rotate and enlarge the holes over time and cause the gears to mis-align.
The Good:
  • Innovative platforms - LMT MRP, Magpul bodies
  • Mechbox shells are durable

The Bad:
  • Unless you get the X-series, receivers height is not standard so if you buy a rail system with a continuous Picatinny rail section, there will be a step between the rail and the upper receiver
  • Hop-up units notorious for un-dialing itself if you do not modify it.
  • Janky mechbox internals which aren't really any better than a JG, unless you get the X-series or the LWRC series.
  • Receivers are all laser-etched and not engraved
The Good:
  • LWRC M7's
  • Receiver anodizing is good and durable

The Bad:
  • Hardly any real licensing agreements except for the recent deal they struck with FN so finally their SCAR's are licensed, but you're pretty much stuck with G&G trademarks or whatever they can dream of (Navy Seal Skull Frog anyone??)
  • Horribly off-spec buffer tubes
  • Non-TopTech internals are nothing to write home about
  • Lightweight metal receivers almost feel TOO light (see below)
  • Clear plastic hop-up units that typically leak
  • Mechbox screws are on the other side of the mechbox - not a big deal but why they do this is beyond me
The Good:
  • Lightweight Magnesium alloy metal receivers with great anodizing - careful you don't like these on fire - they make great flares
  • Mechbox shells are relatively durable and are on-spec with TM/VFC
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