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First off, I'd suggest you get age verified. That way you can look at guns in our retailer and classifieds section which will usually offer better prices then random sites on the internet, and be more reliable as well.

Second, if you could state exactly what your budget is for a gun we could probably advise you better.

AK variants are some of the most common types out there, alongside the M4/M16 line and the MP-5 series. Everyone makes an AK of some variant. All the usual names: JG, G&G, G&P, TM, CA. In addition to those, for AKs there are two more to consider, at opposite ends of the spectrum, they are: at the low end, the Aftermath Kraken, a bare bones bargain basement model that is very cheap and at the same time pretty decent for the price tag; on the flip side is the high end Real Sword, which is basically *the* AK to have if you're serious about AKs (at least if you're not a Russian purist, since Real Sword technically makes Type 56's) but you'll be paying a fair bit for that quality.
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