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Originally Posted by Brian McIlmoyle View Post
Real objectives, and commanders who can plan operations sequentially to achieve those objectives. and units that concede to be commanded.

Essentially behaving a doing those things that soldiers do in a combat zone.

What you are looking for is "a day in the life" of a small unit of both sides of a conflict.. and then bringing those two sides together through providing a combative context.. give them a reason to fight.
I like your semantics approche to answering the question (which we all know comes back at least once a year on this forum) and I share your point of view.

But I wonder what's the people's opinion on having this concept on a variable scale in the same airsoft event. My idea is that one group of players might be simulating regular/professionnal military roles while another group, probably the opposing players, might be simulating (or playing the part of) miltias/rebels/civilians and or terrorists which would, I suppose, require less involvement, uniform impression, dedication, rules of engagement. This is probably most suitable for modern airsoft than historical airsoft whereas both sides were trained soldiers following strict chain of commands.

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