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What is your true definition of "Milsim"

Hey all,
Recently a group of us returned from a Blacksheep game Op: Guernsey pretty disappointed from the game. Lots of weather issues, etc so there was delays, issues, etc.

The issue we came up with though is the definition of "Milsim" it seems that Milsim involves lots of delays, game pauses for resets, more or less a giant Skirmish game of "take X, Defend Y, on no X is taken go get it" No rhyme or reason why.

So i'd like to ask what is the general opinion of Milsim or perhaps my views on it are different and my expectations are unreasonable? As a backstory i've been playing for 13 years, have attended dozens of 24 hour games, and host very successful milsim games here in Calgary.

In my mind this is what Milsim should be.
1. Constant gameplay. No not slinging BB's at each other for the entire time, but the game is always going no matter what. No pauses to bring the cars in, no pauses for a reset. No going back to your car to get your gear/bbs/batteries/etc.
2. Possibility of downtime. I don't mind resting and chatting with the squad. I don't need to always be on field. I don't expect 100% time of bb slinging.
3. Some sort of backstory. You are X force trying to take Y land for Z reason. At least some level like that.
4. Missions with an actual objective. Go and capture X objective and capture Y object within that area. Perhaps it's an actual intel piece that leads to a new mission. Again no capturing of X objective with no reason.

So i'd like to put it out to the crowd is this an unreasonable expectation? Should I lower my expectation at games that I personally don't plan?
I'd love to see the opinions of folks from across the country and even internationally.
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