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Originally Posted by ThunderCactus View Post
Well that's not enforcing safety Brian, that's just you SUGGESTING safety and leaving discretion up to the individual lol

What I mean is, if you feel a certain level of protection is required, then make it mandatory.

New guys and old guys can't be trusted to set their own level of protection because they really have no idea what they're getting in to, or they think they know better. Most of them think $3 safety glasses from princess auto are a great deal, and I've seen two old guys wear actual glass prescription glasses in the field.

When it comes to cosmetic damage, getting shot in the bridge of the nose, skin, crack some finger bones, whatever no big deal, that all heals up fine.
I'm sure you agree that it falls under our responsibility as hosts and admins to set the safety bar for a given game. So if we know it's going to be heavy CQB, we can absolutely make face protection mandatory to save someone a few thousand dollars of fake teeth lol

My general guideline, since I've been playing a long time with just safety glasses, is if I myself feel I should be raising my level of protection, then it should be mandatory for everyone. All other cases, either recommend it or leave it up to the individual.

As far as this thread goes, just examine the safety record of glasses. Most players across the nation have been using glasses for over a decade with extremely rare cases of a safety incident. There's been more cases of retards getting shot through untested gas masks than glasses.
So like a plane crash, you don't ban all plane travel as soon as one airplane falls out of the sky. It's a great reminder to keep up on personal safety, but there's nothing wrong with wearing properly fitting glasses.

I set the minimum, and recommend the prudent .. I agree there is nothing wrong with wearing the minimum, as long as you know and understand the risks.
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