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Originally Posted by ThunderCactus View Post
Well fortunately we can force people to be safe.

Had a kid in millwright college, never wore his safety glasses cause he thought they made him look stupid. Didn't realize he was in a class with adults and we all thought he was a fucking retard for NOT wearing them. He didn't last long lol
We can't really force anyone to be safe, we can set standards, and make recommendations.

On this past weekend, I ran a CQB training course .. I set no FPS limits, so we had guns running over 400 with .28 ( gas guns )

still there were guys running in short sleeves with ballistic glasses .. and some very nasty bleeders resulting. When you get tagged from 2 feet with guns running that hot.. damage ensues.

My recommendation to Candidates was full cover with full face protection.. most followed the recommendation and emerged unscathed, those that did not shared their blood with the group.

If you take a bleeder anywhere.. it's your fault.. not the guy who pulled the trigger. If someone blows out your eye because you chose minimum protection, it's your fault.. not the trigger puller's

But that does not make the guy who maimed you feel any better about it.

wearing appropriate protection saves angst for everyone.
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