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Well they're both mid quality guns. But JG has gotten a lot better these days than they were back in 2008-ish. Either will serve you well, I think the E1 Red Star series is a rebranded CYMA with some value added stuff added from E1. JG AK's aren't the greatest though, CYMA AK's are better IMO.

You can get lemons and cherries though but I'd say without fucking with it they should last out of the box at least 3 seasons worth of use if you're not an idiot with it and try to use it as a crowbar or battering ram or hold down the trigger for long periods of time. Think of it this way, how long will your Honda Civic or Toyota Corolla last if you drive it off road, rally race, redline all the time and are a general hooligan on the streets (ie. holding down the trigger until the battery is done then changing batteries and doing it again and using the gun as a battering ram and crowbar) vs. driving regularly within it's designed specs and take it in for servicing when it needs it (ie. shooting short bursts, not using an 11.1V lipo without a FET, not dunking it in water and putting it away wet, not using it as a crow bar or battering ram, etc.).

Definitely get the metal body version though.

Also, if you can spend ~$100 more, definitely look at the metal body King Arms M4 (if you don't care about model of gun). There are some issues with it out of the box that may arise (namely the cutoff lever that seems to wear down quite quickly and issues with the piston's teeth also wearing out) but they're solid guns if you just use them out of the box and replace the weak parts when they break and then they'll last you a long time (again if you don't abuse it).

Also Kozzie is right, V3 is easier to work on and also slighly more resistant to abuse and beefed up (ie. the V2 gearbox cracking problem which arises from too much shock so you need to chamfer the corners of the gearbox to distribute the force)
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