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Risk is something that should be managed by the individual.. choices = consequences

Minimum protection is ballistic shooting glasses. This is NOT effective protection, or complete protection.

This is what I wear when I am not a target, Hosting, or running games.

Any time I have been in a fight with this kind of protection, I felt a bit vulnerable, to the degree that it affected my tactical choices.

If you are rock climbing.. fitness, good shoes and chalk are "minimum" protection against falling... most people won't climb with out secondary protection, and new climbers should have secondary protection and full on belay until they know enough about the risks to make informed choices.

wearing "minimum protection" is what you do when you are skilled enough to mitigate the risks. I see a lot of new guys on the field wearing ballistic glasses.. and they have no idea that their eyes are at risk due to this choice. .. It takes an event like this one ( eye strike ) to bring into focus exactly what is at risk.
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