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I would PM you, but this info could be useful to others, so I'll post it here.

The upgrades can be found on:

You specifically want:
Cylinder head:
New hop up unit (works GREAT, the stock hop-up unit is crap and double feeds all the time):
Aluminum and steel piston:
Steel sear:
Stable outer barrel housing:

The stock piston is not bad, but the upgraded piston will last longer with the upgraded sear and allows you to use a AEG piston head, such as a Prometheus or ARS piston heads, which are great and seal very well.

I've found the inner barrel to be pretty decent once it is cleaned thoroughly, I did not get much more precision from upgrading to a Prometheus barrel, so it is not a priority upgrade if you are short on funds.

You will also want a good hop up rubber, any AEG rubber will work, use your preffered brand.

I would suggest you read this whole thread, it's full of great info:
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