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Hehe, I hear ya!

Ya, that addition of a mini-CQB is awesome! You guys are really making that a sweet area. I remember defending it a few times during Cold Wind, at one point during a major attack, sitting in the top of that tower to the far left with Ches, shooting out of it and having plastic bouncing around inside it. I smoked about three guys from that tower with my sniper rifle, one was running. The treeline (near where the pic was taken from) is about 180ft away at the cloest point, and I could make out little white faces hiding in there looking safe, until long range BBs went whizzing by their heads. I love playing the little pysch games with my '24! Lol

And, last night game, buggers would sit in the towers with spotlights scanning thhe treelines. Made it a real challenge to find a good firing point to conduct my "games" on the occupants without silhouetting myself. Damn that was fun and hard at the same time!
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