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Originally Posted by ABRAXAAS
Personally what i would do (if i had the time and money) is make a peg board style floor with individual wall peices made from a wooden frame and some durable material to keep em light, then have pegs on the bottoms of the wall peices and latches on the sides. then make a warehouse style structure around it all , this way you can completley change the lay out every couple weeks or a month keeping it new and exciting all the time.
As for there being holes in the floor you could get strips of carpet cut into large peices and lay them down wherever the walls arnt to avoid tripping.

or the players oculd move it every game, so its always a surprise for the attacking military.
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Uh oh... perhaps you didn't notice this but you are fueling everyone's inner compulsive gambler. ASC has combined 2 expensive and addictive elements into the ultimate vice: gambling for airsoft.

I'll get some chairs in a circle, put on some coffee, and register the support group; I'll need to get a head start on this epidemic.
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