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Originally Posted by lurkingknight View Post
nothing holds its value, your shit is only worth as much as the next guy is willing to pay for it. prices are over inflated on the used market in this country in particular. the only reason tm holds it's value here is because some vendors are charging 4x japanese retail price to get it here so selling it at 2-3x retail used doesn't look as bad after the savage assraping the initial cost was.
From the start I mentioned that airsoft isnt an investment and it is not a sport one might want to get into if they don't have much money laying around. I didn't mean that TM holds it value more, I was just trying to say that TM's are easier to be resold unlike the other craptastic AEGs on the market.

Originally Posted by Chillyrabbit View Post
Also I know this is in disagreement with some other people.

But your first airsoft gun doesn't have to be your last one. Pick up a good affordable cheap one, which sure it might not last 10 years but it will at least hold out for a season or 2. and once you get a feel of what you liked and disliked about it you can make a much more informed decision later and also pay the bigger bucks to get exactly what you want. And then buy a ultra/super/high quality made gun that will last 10 years that you can throw all your upgrades on.

Plus you never know you might spend 1k getting into the sport and go "it's not for me" and quit.
I'd say this sounds like a good way to start also. You don't necessarily need to buy a good quality gun, but if you are dead certain that airsoft is for you then don't start off on the wrong foot.
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