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I scored the EPIC BOX for their Zombie Assassin draw, it was my first time purchasing one.
I only expected to come out with the base prize, the Snow Wolf M24 {I believe} and my highest hopes were to win one of the ghillie suits that came packaged with certain rifles. When I received my box in the mail I was beyond surprised how light it was, I was worried that I had won a prize so inexpensive it had no weight. I very crudely filmed myself as I cut open the box to only discover a piece of paper which I immediately ignored and went straight for the ghillie suit that I was over the moon to win. I was kinda surprised that there was in fact no gun under the suit and thats when I noticed the EPIC BOX WINNER plastered all over that piece of paper I so quickly threw aside (the video actually cut out as I swore and dropped my phone...).
I immediately called TA and they invited me to come out after the store and pickup the prize which consisted of the Snow Wolf Barrett M82, KWA MP7, and dual KWC 1911 MEU's even though the were closed at this time. I'm pretty sure I drove the entire way to Toronto with a smile on my face that would have startled the drivers around me.
The guys at TA were great; congratulating me on the win, allowing me to look over and shoot my newly acquired prizes and showing me everything I needed to know about them.
I was/ still am extremely grateful for the prize, I mean who doesn't like winning free stuff let alone free airsoft stuff?
However when I was in the store they did make a few points on how these prizes are mostly items that have become stagnate sitting on their shelves, how maybe people go out to purchase a Barrett just to plink around with? I think it's a brilliant strategy on their part to keep their stock updated and a great way for their customers to get a chance to win some really neat prizes.
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