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Absolutely. Command also has a very important role in avoiding friendly fire situations. I've found it very useful to keep track of where your forces are moving to, and inform anybody ahead of them that there will be friendly forces moving to/through/around their position, and from which direction. Or if possible, link up and move from there, to ensure that there is some familiarity with the disposition of forces.

Typically, in an airsoft game, CQB or outdoors, one force moves in one direction, the other will move in the opposite. Not necessarily always true, but if you've got somebody coming from one end of the field that you are not coming from, short of it being an advance unit RTB, it's likely that this contact is foe. Command can even suggest to his guys which direction the enemy is likely to be coming from, or from which direction the enemy WON'T be coming from. Situational awareness is important from the ground up.

Honestly, at a distance, camouflage colour doesn't really make a difference, it's the unnatural movement of things ahead of you that you key into first. If you know that it's probably enemy ahead of you, the advantage is knowing that you can shoot first.
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