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This isn't an urban facility.. but it is pretty much the largest acreage facility made available, in airsoft's most populous province of Ontario.

OP Triglav.

It's 500 acres, it's been posted to the games thread since June.. and yet it's struggling to attract 50 players at present.

Is it the price? Are Canadian players just too damn cheap?

Is it the travel location? Are Canadian players just too damn lazy to make the effort to get there, or rent a vehicle to get there?

Is it the season of the event? Are Canadian players, plainly put, just too damn Pussy..fair weather fighters only, if you will?

Does a large event require an urban component?

At 500 acres .. that'd comfortably fit 500 players .. 1 per acre.. think of it.

I suspect that Canadian players generally just aren't ready for OP Irene calibre games. Period. Not in the quantities and quality that are required.
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