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Mom says its a fun game but probably has never seen an airsoft game in her life...typical parent simply wanting to shut little Timmy up when they see that cool 1337 C0D gun on a Walmart shelf.

If anything, the school should have punished the parents and brought child services into the picture after rescinding their child's suspension. There is blame to be put here and its either going to be on the kids for doing something stupid or the parents for enabling them to do something stupid.
"Hey I'm the first one to say its a great country but its a straaaaange culture. This is a place where gun store owners are given a list of stolen credit cards but not a list of CRIMINALS and MANIACS. And now they're thinking of banning toy guns...AND THEY'RE GONNA KEEP THE F**KING REAL ONES!"
-George Carlin 1937 - 2008 (RIP buddy)
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