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And that's why I would never classify myself as a sniper. Honestly I was a hunter more than anything.
Search for prey, stalk prey, and just wait for the opportune moment to kill prey.
And I was hardly sneaking around, well no less than a riflemen anyway. Only sneaking I did was to find a good spot to shoot from.
What I learned in my experience using a bolt action rifle (coming from a guy that's used an LMG and various rifles playing from defensive to very aggressive), is that the pro's of using a bolt action rifle are accuracy and SILENCE. Not necessarily range. Because as was stated, anyone with a similarly costly rifle can come VERY close to your range.
I ran my BAR at 380fps for the first year and a half because I'd get more silent shot kills within 60ft than at any other range.

It's the silence that's important above all else. The only time I had anything close to a ghillie was winter whites in winter. I've taken out whole squads, a dozen people in a row (no exaggeration), because I found a good hiding spot, and tagged people at the perfect moment, but because they couldn't hear me they didn't know what general direction I was in, which is a massive advantage.

Doesn't matter how good your ghillie suit is, if you can hear a rifle go off it's easy to pick out the right bush to shoot in that direction lol
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