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Originally Posted by Ricochet View Post
Actually, this is quite common. It's funny, but most likely frusterating, especially when a kill is made. But imagine your walking back from spawn, and you feel something on your shoulder, it's not a 'Thwak!' Like a BB at medium range, and you're wondering, "was it a bee, was it a twig, or maybe my gear just adjusting?". You look around and scan, knowing that if you stand there looking concerned, you'll be hit again. No shot comes, no noises, nothing. You'd probably think, "#%&@ it, there's no one out here", and move on. As the sniper, that one kill you just waited and waited for, counts for nothing.
Sniping is a singular game.. and you have to take the mind set of marking your own kills. whether the hit is taken or not.. it's still a kill for the sniper to add to his/her ledger.

The effect of snipers is often more psychological than physical.

once people know you are out there.. waiting for them.. people get more on edge.

I've deployed Snipers in many games.. often their value is measured in intelligence gathered over body count.
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