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Originally Posted by ThunderCactus View Post
Well when you're constantly getting NEW horses, the new horses don't know that you beat the old horses to death, and you're not going to keep killing horses because then you'll have none left, so you just have to keep beating the dead ones.
New horses need to learn to research.. stupid horses make me sad.
They is a fuck load of information here for starters on the Pros/Cons of it.

Anyway, end rant/

Originally Posted by lurkingknight View Post
my 400 fps R-hopped AEG went head to head with a CA m24 R-hopped BASR shooting around 450 fps at the distance of about 85m.

He was almost lobbing at me, and I was lobbing at him. The difference in range in terms of 50 fps difference? he had about 30 feet more range before the BBs started dropping. Mine were hitting the ground 30 short of his posistion while his would just be starting to drop when they got to me.

When both shooters can see each other, it's a pretty boring fight, you can see the rounds coming in at you from that far off, you can see them visibly slow down and drop. Also when we recounted after the fight to compare notes, we both had each other dead to rights in sights but the BBs would be deviated off the flight path by as much as 3 feet on both rifles.

We were both using .3s

The difference really wasn't all that much, honestly. And to give up full auto for that extra 50 fps in velocity is a handicap more than a benefit.

So you must REALLY want to play sniper if you go that path. Willing to crawl around or wait on your belly for half the game to get that 1 or 2 kills. Meanwhile all the other folks with AEGs are running around and racking up the kills.
Yeah, but for some of us, that waiting around for the 1 or 2 kills is a rush. Or the mercies you get to toss out as someone stumbles within range without seeing you. Kills from a distance and remaining unseen.
In the end it comes down to fun for me, regardless of which format I am playing.

Stupid Horses.

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