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You have to understand that this game has alot to do with respect your fellow players. We play this because we love the game and we consider all our fellow players as friends.

When you start unloading bbs at them, you'll only gain a reputation as a hoser and no one will want you to play. Fights have even been started because of hosers. You are one guy and I'm sure you don't want a whole team to hose you just to teach you a lesson about fire control.

Most game have limited bbs that you can have on you. About 300 bbs. It really doesn't last long if you start spraying. Stick with semi only and learn how to move to a better position and do your shot. It doesn't matter if you get killed but it will be more satisfying to do a earned killed.

Show us that you are a good player and you'll enjoy the game better when you don't have to play by yourself.
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