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Originally Posted by FOX_111 View Post
The "noob day" is running every year almost. But IMO, having minors in it is not productive. Unless the guy is 17 and turning 18 soon, I don't see why we would allow minors to learn if they can't play yet. They should instead be patient and come back when they are older.
We all know that if we encourage them too soon, they will get gear and play on their own where it's not allowed.
This is a bit of a double edged sword. If we shun them completely they may choose to go it alone and do something foolish. On the other hand you have a valid point that they may go do something foolish anyway.

My hope is that if we have a proper introduction with face time and proper guidance they will be less likely to go rogue. I know that's how I was brought into this sport. My goal is to let the minors find out if this is really for them or not. If they choose to get into the sport when they are of age then at least when they come to their first game they aren't completly ignorant and useless. Maybe bump the age to 16+?
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