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Originally Posted by SuperHog View Post
We have so many dealers in Canada which focuses guns only and don't give a sh%% about the support accessories and parts. I picked up some bbs the other day, and the store had only one bottle of bbs in stock. But had guns all over the wall.....????

With the exception of Airsoftdepot right here in Scarborough which specializes in parts and accessories and have served me well.
With the recent surge in regular bigger games, some retailers get blind sided and their stock of BB's disappears extremely quick. Large volume orders of BB's are heavy and often ship the cheapest slowest way to keep from increasing customer pricing.

I exclusively use BB bastards as they have served me well but I often try to maintain a supply of 10-50k because I know the demand is high and the last couple years they have become more and more popular around the world. Scarecrow went through the numbers one time at army issue and it's amazing how the order quantities have increased over the past few years.

Also remember there's always hiccups with production, shipping delays and when a shipment arrives damaged, companies like BB Bastards refuse to sell them to you even if they might appear to be fine. So that takes away from the supply as well.
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