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I think it's a great idea! I would have gone for it a few months ago.

I'm assuming it's a basics for Airsoft beginners with a bit more focus on playing outdoors? (since the event will be held outdoors)

Some stuff that I learned from playing outdoors that I wish I knew before hand would include Bug-sprays (and the dangers of DEET) and how covering up can protect from the little critters.

I believe the basics of tactics and movement is a biggie. Both indoors and outdoors I have experienced some things that could easily have been avoided.

Also, a big help to me was being loaned (rather graciously) different AEG's to use that allowed me to figure out what I did want in a primary and what I didn't want. It really helped.

I'd love to help out if available. I think I have a good persepective as I am still fairly new but I have learned alot.

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