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Airsoft basic training

So I've been kicking this idea around for a while and I'm looking for some community input. The basic idea is fairly self explanatory. This would be a one day course covering the main points of getting into airsoft.

The course would be open to minors likely starting around age 14+. Hopefully to get them in the right headspace and attitude to become trustworthy respectful players that will make a good addition to the community rather than the less than trustworthy, chip on their shoulder, i know everything n00bs we have all seen at games.

So heres what I've come up with so far.

-the rules. A basic rundown of the regular do's and don'ts, no duffs, medical emergency protocols, mercies, parlays, fps limits, etc.

-the roles. Basic play types and game roles for play styles. Fast and light, slow and heavy, small team, large squad, sniper/recce, etc.

-the guns. Basic rundown of the types of weapons available and how to pick the one for you based on the style of gameplay you will be playing and your physical size.

-the gear. Picking what is best for you vs. What looks cool. Explaining the options and the way to set your loadout for maximum use. (i will likely borrow the "what model are you working under" post by Oborous as he did a fantastic job on it.

-weapons handling. Basic weapons handling and safety. Dont look down the barrel, flagging yourself, muzzle dicipline, trigger dicipline, basic firing positions and weapon manipulation.

-tactics and movement. Just the basics. Moving alone and with others, sector coverage, simple ambushes and dispersals, bounding both attacking and falling back, leapfrog movement, etc.

I'm betting that by the time this has all been run through and questions have been asked and answered, and the weapons handling and tactics have been practiced we may have time for a quick game to finish up the day. For the bulk of the course weapons wouldn't even be required so its great for the guys who don't know what to buy or aren't old enough yet. Plus i have a decent armoury of weapons they can work with.

So i think thats where i am sitting at this point but i'm open to thoughts and suggestions from the community. I'll be the first to admit I don't know everything so what else do you guys think a new player should know?
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