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I got mine during the spring - I've used ICS M4 and CA M4 - and this is by far a superior gun for airsoft. It is the best gun I've ever used. It's solid, durable, fires awesome (like all TM guns do) and you can put a shit load of accesseries on it. The best thing about it in my opinion is that after a spring and summer of heavey abuse it is still in near mint condition and absolutely no barrel wobble.

Just to illustrate how well built this gun is - and how clumsy I was - I'll tell you this story. Early in the spring I was in a film for the History channel as a RCMP swat member. I was carrying my M4S through the bushes during a take, needless to say I catch my foot on a root and trip head first into the ground. My gun's barrel is the first thing to directly hit the ground and it has almost my entire body weight behind it and not only does it not snap it doesn't even shift. I mean there is not a single scratch on this gun from that incident. My buddies and I poured over it trying to find some hairline crack or something and found nothing. We test fired it a bunch of times thinking that something inside maybe got broken, again nothing. I mean the ICS is a solid M4 airsoft rifle - when it is working - but it has nothing on the TM M4 S-System.

I recommend this gun to any airsofter who like the M4 or any beginner who wants a reliable and performance worthy gun. TM M4 S-System all the way!

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