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At Rigaud once, Porkchop and I spect a fair amount of time sneaking around and setting up an ambush. When the enemy finally stepped into the killzone, Porkchop goes to fire, and nothing comes out. The ambush is quickly turned around and we are both killed. Porkchop then discovers he forgot to put a battery in his gun...

Another time, also at Rigaud, I was running along full tilt. I'm colour blind, and in early summer the yellow safety ropes look exactly the same colour as all the fresh greenery to me. So I plowed into one at face height at full speed. Apparently it looked alot like a cartoon character slipping on a banana peel, IE my feet went up in the air before the top half of my body started falling, and I hung in the air for a second at the top before slamming back first onto the ground. My goggles had been stripped from my face, I had a 4 inch rope burn across my left cheek, and my head landed HARD about 6 inches from a large rock...

At Opertion Capitol Thunder ( the first one ), justbob was carrying a TM NBB Steyr GBB in a shoulder holster. Apparently he hadn't done it up, as when he bent over to pick something up, the pistol slid out of the holster, and fell to the ground, hammer area first. When it hit the ground, it fired, hitting him right smack in the face. One of the other players, MadMax (of the 3 Chimps, not the one from here...) asked "When you're done being mad about that, can we laugh?".
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Oh wow, im speechless. Crowbars and shovels... back to lurking then.
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