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Originally Posted by SuperHog View Post
Is there a shoot-out testing anywhere to verify who actually has the most accurate bb?

Since BBB don't make there own bbs which opens the opportunity for other companies to request triple, quadtruple or ultimate polish. That is if all that polishing really works.

I also checked my BBB bbs roundness and they are not completely round neither are the the other brands I have.
It's really hard to do testing like that because of a lot of factors, not limited to crosswinds (so you'd need a really long warehouse with no fans/HVAC running to eliminate that variable), consistency of the platform that you're running, and how the shooting block is setup (mechanical trigger pull or human, and squeezing or pulling or jerking the trigger and how consistent would the setup be).

As for them "not making their own BB's" I don't think you truly understand the process. The ODM designs the product and the OEM just follows the design as laid out in the spec. Basically BBB has some "magic formula" and design that they spec out and doing the double polish is part of that, the OEM follows the ODM specs exactly (obviously within some speced out tolerances, the tighter your specs the more it costs, exponentially).

If I was an ODM and said to the OEM, "okay guys, I don't want any polishing done at all we'll have seams everywhere and I don't care" the OEM doesn't question it and just does it (even if it's detrimental to the end use or is just bad design). BBB can do a change order and say "okay guys, now I want a quadruple polish as part of the manufacturing process" the OEM will do that, but their "double polish" is what they've designed for and what works, they can always do a change order when they want.

As for the roundness/sphericity, how are you calculating it? What apparatus are you using to calculate sphericity and how precise/accurate is it? Note that "sphericity" and "roundness" are two different but related measurements of geometric dimensions.

tl;dr use what works and don't worry about small details as long as it's high quality. Sure some guns may like certain brands while others like other brands but like the saying goes "ride your own ride".
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