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Originally Posted by slowbird View Post
What I mean by that is, one person says Brand A buys their BB's from overseas, but Brand X makes them in house and they are better.
Then another person says, Brand X also buys their BB's from overseas so brand A is still better.

So you read, and listen and read and decide on a brand that you think is superior and while you're loading your gun at an event someone walks by and says, Brand Q is better.

Seems almost better to just pick a brand you like and stick with it no matter what you long as it works for you.
Sorry, I forgot most people don't do overseas trading and know about this stuff. Their public facing website is BLS. Basically it's "Lien Sheng Plastic Industries dba (doing business as) BLS":

Also if it seemed like I was pissed off it's cause I was but not at you, just real life stuff that made me really short and curt.

As for BBB I don't know about their "origin story" but I do know they were designed in Canada (so BBB is the ODM or Original Design Manufacturer) but made in Taiwan by an OEM which TBH is fine. It keeps costs down and you don't need to invest in machinery or need to vertically integrate and have control of design, materials, machinery, factory, etc. Like I said Giant OEM's a LOT of bike frames and just follows the design that's submitted to them by the likes of (and I'm making this up here, I don't know which companies they OEM for) Norco or whatever.

Also I know MTMFG (Metal Tech Mfg.) is defunct but if anyone has their BB's and liked them, I'm like 99% sure that Airsoft Elite is the OEM.

tl;dr Pick the brand that you like and works in your gun.
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