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well this happened tonight. i was on second level at the tac-ops CQB arena. i was making so much noise telling people where they should and walking around in my hiking boots and most of my G3-SG1 is sticking out. then these two guys come out from the safe zone not evening nowing i was there. well i was yelling orders and these 2 guys have way more time playing airsoft then i do. so carrying on they get to this ramp to go up to the "rainbow" as we call it so once they are out in the open and i now i can get them i just open up get both of them. i was some what confused on how they didn't now i was there well making so much noise.

then at my second game ever i have ever played i was running like a bat out of hell trying to get the opposing team from taking on of my teams comsat station's. i was about 20 yards away when. i step on this log old and dead and i didn't even think this could suck. I fall straight down about 3 or 4 feet but I landed on one leg and just screwed my hip so bad that i just layed there for like 10 mins just rumbing my hip when the other team comes and mercies me. then go oo crap he's hurt. but in the end just some ice and some down time and i was up and kicken ass.
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