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Propane adapters.

The only airsoft innovations option to getting a metal adapter with a reservoir is getting the plastic propane adapter and the gas can . But, that would involve prepping the gas can with oil and keeping filled with gas, giving a quick half second fill then using a non oiled propane tank w/plastic adapter to fill the rest of the mag. I do this for my WE PDW but it can be tedious and you can easily over oil a mag

Originally Posted by KJWm4 View Post
How in the hell can the can you possibly mess up the full nozzle unless your blind and can't hit the hole or you push way to damn hard when filling the mag is the only two things I can see wrecking the mags fill nozzle !!
People are impatient, don't look/pay attention or simply can't stick it in a hole without wandering.

You'll be fine with the madbull, just keep it straight

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