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You think CP is bad? Clowns from UPS are even worse...
I stay away from them but this time there was no choice. My package was going from LA to Cambridge ON. It was shipped from LA on the 6th of September. Got to Windsor ON on the same day and cleared customs 3 days later. On the 10th it went to Maumee OH, than to Detroit. Came back to Windsor on the 11th and cleared customs for the second time I phoned UPS and paid brokerage fees over the phone because package was going to someone who will be making airsoft mod for me and he has less than a week to do it before big event. On the 12th driver "was unable to collect the funds" and left notice. I called UPS and reconfirmed my payment. Yesterday driver "was unable to collect the funds" notice #2 was left... I fucking snapped... Called them again, now waiting for 3rd "attempt" which will only happen on Monday because all mighty UPS in Kitchener is closed on Saturday for some reason.
Had another package shipped to the same person from China by regular mail. It was shipped on the 6th as well, he got it 4 days later...

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