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at the first game of this season in atlantic canada we were going around and i was completely in adrenaline mode nothing really affected me... the cold and what not.. but we needed to get atop of this hill. and i see a guy infront of me (teamate) cross this stream walking on 2 small tree logs and water and i don't mix long story short ive almost drowned 3 times in my life but anyways. so the whole time im like this is a horrible idea. start to cross half way through one of the branches gives and first thing to my head, gun Up! so somehow the log doesn't completely break but my whole right leg was soaked and had water in my boots making the slooosh noise.

about 5 minutes later we are taking the hill and i now im on top of the hill and looking for cover (i know stupid shoulda known what i was walking into prior) but anyways im up there looking around i see a guy fire a couple of shots off miss and im looking for cover.. there is tiny tree no leaves cause its snowy and wet and cold so me 6'3 230 pds hiding behind this tiny twig lol didn't help but i tried anything. :lol:

so after i see him and his buddies all of sudden sprint across the top of the hill i start shooting they start shooting fully standing up we are all firefighting most intense moment of my airsoft life and then his buddy starts shooting so im like shit im going down.... so i decided in a last ditch effort i just throw my self on the ground like kicked my own legs out and im laying half up shooting from my hip while they are firing back. it was funny because no one hit each (maybe we did but adrenaline neither of us cared) and after they got me but me and the guy had a long fun talk about that one.
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