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Originally Posted by FOX_111
during a CQB game, I dumped all my gear and took my pistol to fit tru a small bathroom window. 2 Guys pushed me up. When I realised that I would fall head first in the bath tub, alerting the guy in the living room beside with the M60 (not good!), I tried to get out. While coming out the small windows, I was hanging from my bare hands to the frame. What I did not realise, because of the adrenaline rush, was that I was grasping broken glass and other sharp stuff on the window frame. When I let go to get back on my feets, I realised that my hand was perforated and bleeding.

I just took all my gear back and retreated to have a medic treat it. It's a good thing one of our medic is actually a real medic with real medic supply in his gear.

That game was intence. Assaulting a real house is no peace of cake in real life!
Should'a used a baton to clear the frame...
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