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I suffer from heatstroke rather easily. I used to play topless often.

To mix things up I also like to climb trees apply death from above.

In the "drug lab" at FR, there's a nifty balcony you can jump out of. In an attack and defend game, the defenders can let the attackers take the bottom floor. When they're attention is directed to the inside stairwells and outer stairs, you can drop down and shoot a lot of players in the back.

In an attack and defend game at Sgt. Splatters, I raided the defenders position bounding up a set of stairwells with twin machine pistols (G18c and a Prokiller). The G18c had a nice very bright underslung taclite. The ProKiller carried a modified MM165 grenade with a pull trigger.

The game was an interesting one. The defenders were to start crowded into a corner in the upper floor. A countdown was to start the raid with the attackers able to storm the stairs with a couple seconds of free time before the defenders were allowed to return fire. The game was rather disorganized and an impatient defender started shouting out a countdown without realizing that I took it seriously and stormed the steps with both barrels blazing. The flashlight, 2 full auto barrels, and a Moscart blasting away made for an interesting optical effect as a dense bukkakee hail of bbs issued forth. I could have sworn that I must have been hit in the exchange as there were so many guns pointed my way, but I didn't feel any hits. Perhaps the discharge of 13 barrels (the Moscart has 11) swatted down incoming fire. Maybe the defenders were too shocked. In any case I walked off in the first seconds of the game assuming I must have gotten hit. At least I took out something like 5 or 6 guys in one suicide run.
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