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Just want to thank everyone for your time and input!!!

This afternoon, for better or worse, I pulled the trigger on a E&C M4 MK 18 MOD 1, specs are;
  • Model:MK18 MOD1 (9 inches)
  • Weight:2680g
  • Length:705mm~786mm
  • Body:Full Metal
  • Hop-Up:Full Metal
  • Gearbox:metal (8MM Bearing Gearbox)
  • Battery Type: LiPo 7.4V
  • Magazine:300 Rounds
  • Muzzle Velocity:366FPS

Bought from a retailer here in Vancouver for $350. (not sure if I can link the page). The price was within my range, the style was right and the gun has a full metal body.

Hope I wont be disappointed with my purchase; but it feels pretty solid and cycles BB pretty nicely.

Again thank you for much for your time and input.

Now onto buying accessories and a bag...

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