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If you're after a 1911 or a Beretta then KJW is a good bet, especially if full metal is a must. If full metal isn't a must then wa or tm would be better choices. Please be advised that a 1911 with a metal slide will have a reduced number of rounds it can fire before running out of gas due to the slimmer single stack mag. Generally 15 rounds is the best you're going to get in field conditions. It's possible to get the full 25 in controlled conditions but that's unlikely to happen in the field. For comparison a double stack mag like the Beretta M9, even with a metal slide, will always be able to manage the full 25 and can often do as many as 50 even in field conditions.

I've had both a KJW Beretta M9 and a KJW 1911A1. I loved them both. The only reason I got rid of the M9 and replaced it with the 1911A1 is I have small hands and found the double stack grip to be too large.

KJW is a great company to deal with, you can order spare parts directly from them for extremely reasonable prices and decent shipping time.

Some other notes if you decide on a KJW 1911A1:

1) It may come with an extended length outer barrel that has the extended bit painted orange. A replacement barrel can easily be ordered directly from KJW at a very reasonable price.

2) Regarding spare mags, TM 1911 mags fit the KJW 1911A1 even better then the KJW 1911 mags made for it, and no one doubts TM's quality, so you've got a solid source for spare mags. That also gets around the one common complaint regarding KJW guns, which is the mags have issues (though I personally haven't found that in either of my KJW's).

3) This is more a cosmetic thing, but the stock grips that come on the KJW 1911A1 are very fake plasticy looking, so you'll likely want to replace them with better ones. Most realsteel 1911 grips should fit and can be acquired for $30-70.
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