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shot a teammate because he was charging us from the rear (he wasn't with the rest of the team, and decided to join up with us without informing us of such) turned around to cover my field of fire once again, just in time to see a guy rushing me with a bayonette, what a dink, he is 15ft away, shoot at him, apparently miss, so he knifes me. Teammate who is to the right, and in front of me on the line yells "OWWWE" I hit him in the hand with that shot, apparently, when I missed, the shot traveled for about another 30ft after the intended target, and hit him. (it's ok though, he was already out)
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Give your head a shake, man. You don't jump out of a shaky car so you can ride in one that's on fire.
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I also noticed for the first time that Bod sounds a lot like Jango Fett.
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I like the part where he got banned.
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