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I was on ambush covering a trail. Their point men decided to cut into the woods on my side and come down that way thru the woods.

I could hear them coming and relized that our plan was screwed. So I moved my position so I was facing them and waited. I was armed with an AK with a double mag setup and my aug. As soon as I could see them thru the bush I opened up with the AK. Went thru the first mag and then reloaded and burnt thru the second mag. Unloaded my aug as I stood up and fell back. I dropped the ak and the aug mag and reload and walked 30ft further up the trail.

The pointmen were still coming up on my side. They cross a little path and entered the place where I was standing. I shot both of them not more then 10 feet away. God bless CADPAT.

After this I walked out to the main trail and shot the main group in the back. Ambush was done.
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