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Not during a game, but on the way home from the last LZ night game, the team walked into Denny's at 2am to grab a bite to eat, we bought in our team mascot "Wendy the Warmonger", an expensive blow up doll dressed in full cadpat gear and clothes, ball gag in 'her' mouth, and sat her down with us. Got some laughs, some odd looks, especially when making the vibrator dance on the table, untila very drunk guy stole the show by running for the door and puking on the carpet inside the front doors. The bum! His friends asked if they could pose with him (and his puke covered pants) for an embarrassing pic with Wendy, so we let them.

Only airsoft relation is we were all dressed in cadpat, I still had splotches of face paint on me. Still pretty funny though!
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