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My head is spinning now; no clue what brand to even start looking at now, let alone where in Canada to buy one.

About all I really know is I like the look of the G&G TR4-18, in particular the front rail. Also like the look of the G&G TR15 Raider, again particular like the front rail, but would replace/remove the front iron sight.

Would I be able to replace the hand guard and top handle on this gun (or similar style) with a rail?

With regards to plastic vs metal, dont some real guns (ie Glock) us Fiber Glass Reinforced Plastic? I guess AEG Fiber Glass Reinforced Plastic must be a weaker version?

Debating if I should just take the $500-600 hit now and get a higher end metal body AEG as a first gun, or get a $200-$300 lower end plastic AEG and replace it in 1-2 years once I am fully into Airsoft.

I didnt want to be the guy that asks the tired questions of what gun a beginner should get, but I am getting there.

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