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Originally Posted by pestobanana View Post
I'm not a fan of G&G guns. The metal is the opposite of Marui plastic - Marui plastic looks like metal, G&G metal looks like plastic - at least on the ones I've worked on. I've also found them to be lacking in that the air nozzles did not have o-rings and the cylinder heads did not have any form of bumpers at all. It was just metal hitting metal, which to me is a big no no. Small issues that I'm not sure why G&G hasn't fixed yet, but until that's done I'm not buying one. I'm not saying G&G is bad, I'd just prefer VFC. I've also seen a G&G with "G&G ARMAMFNT" engraved on it. Yes, "armamfnt".

Maybe the Top Tech guns are different?
G&G did suck balls, DID!

they stepped their game up, I've toyed with the G&G top tech m4's quite a bit, in its stock form, it kicks G&P's ass anyway of the year, however, its imaginary trades is always a deal breaker for me.
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