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I started out with a tac vest, then switched to a molle plate carrier, then a Rhodesian vest, and then back to a tac vest, then a chest rig, then a chest rig with a soft plate carrier, then a chest rig with a chicken plate carrier.

All along with a variety of other parts like battle belts, a plethora of holsters with various fixing points, camelbacks and other fixtures.

Really only you can say what you like. Some people like the light weight setup of a chest rig like the Chi-Coms; others want to have a full on plate carrier and move their pouches and gear around each game.

Check out the photo threads and you'll see how folks run their gear. As a rule though you want to be able to get to all of your pouches and gear with out struggling too much.

For new players a Molle plate carrier or Rhodesian rig is a very good compromise till you get your personal set up figured out. I still have all my gear except the plate carrier and I'll run out other rigs once in a while to change things up.
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