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Newbie looking to get geared up

Hello everyone. I am new to airsoft and looking for advice on gear. I'm 37 yrs old and employed so please don't mistakenly think your talking to a child. (I intend to be age verified ASAP). Regarding budget, as many of my friends would say....I have more money than this I mean that I am willing to spend some money for quality stuff. I don't need, nor can I afford all top of the line but I don't want the cheapest either. All I have so far is my primary, a G&G TR16 R4 Commando with Li-po battery and charger. I am looking at the G&G extreme 45 as a secondary but would be willing to spend a little more if anyone has a recommendation. I am aware of the basics that I need, being proper eye and face protection, and good pair of boots. I am also aware that my setup would be different for a skirmish as opposed to a 24hr or more game. What I am really more interested in is opinions on a chest rig or vest, what pouches, hydration techniques and that sort of thing I would want to include. I have been asking questions of anyone willing to answer and I usually get the response that its all your preference which I understand completely and I am sure I will make my own adjustments as time goes on, but if anyone out there could let me know what they use and why, where they locate things on their rig and why it would be greatly appreciated. The mag for my primary has a 450 round capacity, therefore would I really need 4 or 5 or 6 extra mag pouches? Answers to questions like that and any other advice or opinions you could provide would be greatly appreciated. And thank you for taking the time to read this long winded post.

I Should also mention that Army Issue in Port Credit (Mississauga) has become my new most favoritest store in the world so anything available there would be preferred. Everyone there has patiently answered all of my questions and treated me very well.

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