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Time for a tease, Tokyo Marui before Hobby Tron

The Tokyo Hobby Show 2013 is set to take place at the Tokyo Big Sight venue this coming September 16th and 17th; as is customary for airsoft manufacturer Tokyo Marui, the company has already released limited previews of the products it intends to formally reveal at the event. From left to right, the first teased replica appears to be that of the Israeli TAR-21; an electric model of the bullpup rifle is rumored to be expected, whether that model will belong to Marui's latest recoil shock series or entry level Boys series remains to be seen. An M4A1 Carbine with authentic Colt markings looks to be the next product; Marui to date have released a standard, recoil shock, and Boys series version of the American assault rifle leading many to think this next iteration may be gas blow-back based. Unofficially, the third pictured replica is Marui's gas blow-back H&K HK45; long displayed as a mock-up in past shows, the German pistol now appears to be ready for its formal debut.[1] The last replica pictured remains perhaps the most mysterious; variations of the HK416D and HK417 have all been widely expressed by enthusiasts, though no clear consensus has yet been reached. As intended, these previews do not reveal so much as they encourage speculation and anticipation; fortunately less than two weeks remain before the Tokyo Hobby Show gets underway and the details behind these replicas is finally announced.

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