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DEANS Connectors

I'm posting this in the newb tank as it is not about a problem I need fixing but a newb question I need answering.

Also, other newbies may learn something from my mistakes.

So I purchased an AEG, and the previous owner had swapped the battery connector to DEANS.

I get the AEG, but much to my dismay I realize the gun and the batteries don't connect. (I purchased the battery separately)
The AEG is DEANS, and the batteries have some kind of mini Tamiya.
(lesson for us newbs. Make sure the battery connectors match the connector on the gun.)

So I head over to a local Hobby store with the batteries and the gun. Show them the batteries and the DEANs on the AEG and ask them to put female DEAN connectors on the batteries.

They do, I take everything home, and the batteries don't fire. They connect...but are loose.

I go back to the Hobby Store and after some pondering they look closer at the DEANS on the gun and come to the conclusion it is not a true DEANS but a Chinese knock off. They grab a male DEANS lying around and show me how snug it connects with the female connectors on the batteries.

They swap the DEANS connector on the gun and all is better.

So is this a common issue? True DEANS and imitation DEANS not matching up?
If I were to purchase another AEG down the road that has an imitation DEANS on it, will I have connection issues again?
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