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Dude, you gotta loose the PaintBall way of thinking.
AirSoft is more a modern re-enactors hobby than a shooting sport.
After 2 years of active participation in the community you may possibly have gained recognition and built a good reputation among your peers.

The kind of ASG in your hand is not as important in AS as it is in PB. So take the one you like, its a Toy to be fondled and played with. It performance scale can be adjusted.

playing a sniper role requires you to go out in the woods and often lay there for the whole game and never fire a shot. This is not COD MW3. Targets will not come by 30 seconds after you're set up. When most people start to play AS they want Full Auto run and gun creeping through the woods camaraderie action and War Stories. Laying still for 6 hours is best accomplished on a sofa.

If you want to know what the new dream weapons are look at the
This is the M4 thread
POST you Shotty
SCARS who Gott'em
and those kind of threads are always full of the new Hot-mess

Welcome to Airsoft, it's a lot like a new Girlfriend, all the goodies you want to play with and the different places to play. A lot of us have been "married' a long time and the enthusiasm is replaced by experience. Good Bad and otherwise.
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